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"One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world!" We promote children's literacy and love of learning. Reading mentors provide positive role models, foster self-esteem, and increase children's prospects for success in school and life.

Real Life Story

A Reading Mentor from Walker Jones Elementary School My student and I have been reading together through the EW!DC Power Lunch program for four years. When we started, she was VERY shy and could not speak above a whisper and her reading skills were also poor. Her father was in jail and her mother was struggling to raise a family of five. One of her sisters also lived at home with her baby, who my student often babysat after school; her sister was only 15 years old.

Today, my student is confident, reads well and has found her voice. She loves to copy me by reading with a lot of expression. When she was in the first and second grade, she told me she wanted to be a babysitter when she grew up. Now she wants to be a doctor.

She asked me last week, if I would be her Mentor next year. I asked, "Do you want me to?" She replied "Yes." She then asked me if I'd be her Mentor in Middle and High School and I said, "If you want me to." Then looking at me out of the corner of her eye, she asked, "How about forever?"

My heart has been stolen.