(aka) Lutheran Social Services of the South

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8350 Cross Park Drive
Austin,  Te 78745
Phone: 512-459-1000

Upbring's mission is to break the cycle of child abuse by empowering children, families, and communities. Please join us in this essential work.

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Real Life Story

Fragile children find abundant life, love

Beth bounces her adopted son, Trever, on a large ball.

This is one of many foster homes across Texas where LSS places children with special medical and physical needs. Here you find children in wheelchairs unable to move without help and children using kid-size walkers!

This home has six special needs children and some help from nurses and volunteers.

"It is a calling," said Beth when asked how she became a caregiver to special needs children.

She began with Trever, whom she adopted three years ago. Now age five, Trever suffers from epilepsy and has cortical visual impairment (CVI).

There is also Johnathan, who is mentally retarded, has cerebral palsy, CVI and water on the brain; Tristan with a special device to breath and a feeding tube; Mark, with cerebral palsy; Angel, wheelchair bound due to spinal injury; and Nick, a victim of shaken baby syndrome.

"God helps us get through each day," said Beth. "I wouldn't want to do anything else!"

Lutheran Social Services is a 123 year old nonprofit that specializes in care for children with the most challenging needs, including nearly 1000 children in foster family homes and 240 in residential treatment. Less than 10 percent of its budget is spent on management and administration, including fundraising.