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Providing support and education for children with emotional, behavioral and cognitive disabilities. Developing individualized programs focusing on their diverse needs while highlighting their unique gifts.

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Real Life Story

Rachel came to PHILLIPS an angry and emotionally disturbed young girl. Many of her problems were a result of her learning disability and frustrations with academic failure. She received little care or support from her home environment that was racked by poverty, alcohol, and ignorance. She was distrustful of teachers, counselors and anyone attempting to help her.

After three years at PHILLIPS she completed the necessary course work to gain a high school diploma. She mastered the skills to survive in her environment, set goals for herself and took steps to meet those goals. She learned to accept help from others and to believe that they cared for her. She learned she was a person of worth.

Rachel is currently enrolled in a local community college looking for a career in medical support. She has worked to receive college grants and is employed part-time to help pay apartment expenses she shares with other young women.

In June she spoke before an audience of 400 people sharing her life and the experiences she had at PHILLIPS. Rachel is just one of the children that the teachers, counselors, language therapists, behavioral specialists, and vocational training staff can count as a successful student.