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We find and promote the most effective ways to help animals.We do this by providing free resources and advice to donors and advocates looking to do the greatest good with their time and money.

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Real Life Story

In 2016, ACE's research resulted in three top charity recommendations. For every $1 that ACE spent that year, we influenced $9 in donations to our recommended charities, effectively multiplying the impact of every dollar that donors invested in ACE's research nine times over. Organizations and advocates look to ACE as a resource for how to best spare animals from a lifetime of misery and abuse. Millions of dollars are spent on animal advocacy, but very little is understood about the effectiveness of strategies used by animal organizations. This year, in addition to producing several comprehensive reviews of charities considered for recommendation, we will be developing a white paper to provide resources and guidance on departmental best practices to all animal advocacy charities free of charge. We will also produce at least three new intervention reports on the effectiveness of leafleting,legal advocacy, and protesting. World renowned philosopher Peter Singer supports ACE's work, saying: "Many people tell me that they want to change the way we treat animals, but don't know to which organization they should give. I'm very pleased that now I can point them to Animal Charity Evaluators, where they can find the best available research and thoughtful discussion to answer that difficult and very important question."